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Ending War in the Birthplace of the Buddha

Theresa and Ross tell how leaders in Nepal discovered the new socioeconomic model, Potentialism, and how they used principles of Potentialism to help negotiate the end to a 10-year civil war.

Wall Street or Marx? Neither

"Capitalism" and "Socialism" were the most looked up words in 2012, but few people have heard of Potentialism. The authors discuss this new socioeconomic model and how it incorporates the creativity and productivity of capitalism with the social conscious of socialism, without the problems associated with those systems.

Finding Your Potential

Potentialism is first and foremost about how individuals can reach their full potential. Theresa and Ross explain how people can recognize and begin to understand "micro-inhibitors" – the emotional baggage holding them back from reaching their potential.

Can We Evolve?

Technologically we are advanced and sophisticated, but socially we are still in the Dark Ages. The authors discuss why this is and why Potentialism is the key to positive change, for individuals and peoples everywhere.

Beyond Utopia

Theresa and Ross explain why Potentialism is more than an idealistic dream to change the world, and how it provides pragmatic solutions to real problems.

Building Business Success

The culture of a business or organization is the number one determinant of success. Theresa and Ross explain how companies are using the principles they teach to improve leadership, productivity and profits.

Maslow, Myers-Briggs & Your "PersonaType"

Knowing your personality type can help you to overcome "learned submission" and achieve your dreams. Knowing the PersonaTypes of your loved ones can improve your relationships. Theresa and Ross explain how.

Fusion Literature

The Potentialism series of books includes both fiction and non-fiction. The authors explain why they used this new approach to share their ideas.

Humanitarian Breakthrough?

Will war and poverty always be with us? It doesn't have to be this way. The authors explain how Social and Economic Potentialism drive positive change in developing countries and in America.

Toward A Better World for Women

Theresa and Ross discuss why "the plight of women worldwide remains the most egregious of human rights violations," and what people can do to change that.

Toxic Ideologies

The authors discuss disputes in the news and give their insights as peacemakers into how to resolve conflicts, both interpersonal and political.
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